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Old 03-20-2012, 06:07 AM
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Powder, Shaka, Lily.. prepare to have your jaw DROPPED!

Hello everybody I just thought I'd give an update thread on my main collection (the pine is still in QT and I did a thread on him anyways xD)

So, prepare to have your jaw dropped because these pictures are INSANE, and the animals... even more insane

Starting off, POWDER! "The Spitzberg Beast". Seriously, look how big she is!

The tub she is in, is the tub I had her in as a 100 gram newborn. She dwarfs it now, a year and a few months later:

"I remember this tub.. way too small now k? I better be going back to my 4x2 " (LOL)

Now.. on to SHAKA... "The Psychopath" ZULU!!!!

Also known as "The Solar Rollerblader" and you'll see why (iridescence is off the scale..)

"A little bit closer so I can teach you another lesson... "

Living Rainbow:

One big, angry Macklot's :

and finally, Lily the Leopard Gecko. Can you ever imagine that she was once a rescue in very bad shape? >: )

Lily's tail is on steroids... just a bit 0.o:

"okay I'll pose for ONE second" (literally she wouldn't stop moving... at all lol)

Lily's tail again... just insane!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, Comrades
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